cryosphere pictures 005CryoSphere Technologies, LLC has been successful in designing and creating a convenient, affordable, and effective product for the treatment of sore feet, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis. The patent-pending product is the result of a joint effort between a licensed physical therapist and a patient needing to alleviate foot pain.

The unique shape of the CryoSphere allows the user to apply various amounts of pressure over diverse areas of the foot, thereby granting the experience of a custom massage over painful areas. The numerous protrusions allow for a kneading effect resulting in a deep myofascial release. This can strongly reduce tightness and scar tissue formation throughout the entire arch and heel of the affected foot.

The specialized contents of the CryoSphere add another essential element in treating these ailments. Each CryoSphere contains non-hazardous heating and cooling additives. These components benefit the user by permitting an extended treatment time at therapeutic temperatures. This hot/cold therapy has shown to be effective in alleviating various foot pains. The deep tissue massage coupled with therapeutic temperatures provide a formidable treatment for common foot pains as well as a prevention tool for select post-operative patients.

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